Walking the Walk: Annie Mahak of Zimbabwe

Rev. Kathryn Love of the ELCA shares some good news from Rev. Charlene Limenih:

Greetings All! We recently hosted Annie Mahak from Zimbabwe for an evening with members of Joy of Discovery. Good Shepherd brought Annie to America for a 2 week visit and learning experience. They were kind enough to include our church in the welcoming of this wonderful woman of God who is working in the orphanages of Zimbabwe. The children have lost their parents from the AIDS disease, from abandonment, or abuse. Many teens are caring for younger sibblings etc. I am thankful that our church wants to give toward this effort. Good Shepherd has done a trememdous amount of work in this area, especially in helping to provide food, build schools, homes etc. May God richly bless each of you is my prayer,


Rev. Charlene Limenih is a Mission Developer in Raleigh, North Carolina ( Joy of Discovery Lutheran Church) and she is a member of the ELCA Prayer Leaders Network which recently organized (April 23rd) at the Lutheran Center in Chicago. The Prayer Leaders Network is a newly formed core group connected to the evangelism and the work that Kathryn does as Assistant Director for Evangelism