God Complex Radio Talks to Martha Grace Reese about Unbinding the Gospel

GCR LOgoRecently the excellent podcast God Complex Radio, hosted by Landon Whitsitt, Carol Howard Merritt and Derrick Weston, talked to Martha Grace Reese about her “Unbinding … ” book series and evangelism in the current Mainline landscape. Here’s an excerpt from the post about the episode, followed by a link to the audio:

“Evangelism” has become a scary word in many mainline congregations, even scarier for those outside of the church. But if sharing our faith is an essential part of our spiritual health, not to mention the health of our congregations, how can it be done in a way that takes away some of the anxiety?

Martha Grace Reese shares her insights from her work with the Mainline Evangelism Project as well as some of the helpful tips from the “Unbinding” series with Carol. Carol and new co-host Derrick Weston then discuss some of their previous history with evangelism in their pasts and their hopes for it in the church.

via  God Complex Radio 5.1 Martha Grace Reese Unbinding the Gospel and Mainline Evangelism.